Pressure Washing & Power Washing Company in Oakland County Michigan

The condition of your homes exterior surfaces is often the first thing that visitors see when they enter the property. If your porch, steps, walkway, driveway other exterior surfaces have become stained by unsightly mold, mildew or dirt, it’s time to schedule pressure washing services. Pressure washing equipment combined with specialized cleaning agents will completely remove stains to TRANSFORM exterior surfaces to a like new appearance & enhance curb appeal.

All Surface Restoration, offers professional power washing services within Oakland County Michigan. With 30 years experience they can can provide expert cleaning methods that are friendly to the environment.

Time Saving
Pressure washing is one of the most efficient ways to achieve the deepest level of clean. Since a power washer cleans quickly & efficiently, pressure washing services will TRANSFORM exterior surfaces to beautiful like new condition.

Pressure washing can add to the value and appeal of your home. After you schedule a pressure washing appointment for your property, your home may be appraised at a higher value. In addition, pressure washing your is a great way to make your home more appealing to visitors & guests. Pressure washing is the most cost-effective way of adding value & appeal to your property.

Along with the time and money saving advantages of pressure washing, the process used is also friendly to the environment. Your technician uses detergents and cleaning products that are gentle to the environment. Power washing can achieve a high level of clean, without the use of harsh and abrasive chemicals.

If your homes exterior surfaces could use some improvement, contact All Surface Restoration at: or call 248-475-0004


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