Stamped Colored Concrete Cleaning & Sealing In Oakland County Michigan

Has your stamped concrete lost its original vibrant color?
Does it have a dull, hazy or cloudy appearance?
Is water no longer beading off the concrete surface when wet?

Michigan’s extreme climate changes make it necessary to pressure wash & seal stamped colored concrete surfaces at least once every 2-3 years.
Dirt, mildew & environmental stains attach to the concrete surface quite rapidly. UV rays from the sun will begin to create a dull, faded appearance. Leaving stamped concrete unsealed for an extended period causes the internal color & antiquing agent near the surface to lose its rich color. Moisture penetration from the surface can cause cracking & decay of the concrete.

Pressure washing stamped concrete surface removes 100% of the dirt & stains. It is a necessary step in preparation for sealing the stamped concrete surface. Proper pressure washing using a flat surface cleaning tool often removes sealer haze without the need to use a chemical stripper.

The most common mistake applicators make when sealing stamped concrete is over application of sealer using a roller. No matter what brand of acrylic sealer is applied, it will often turn hazy if applied too thick & heavy.
Another common mistake is using an sealer that is very thick 25-30% acrylic solids to achieve a high gloss finish. Sealers with high acrylic content build a very surface film which often causes hazing & discoloration in area’s exposed to high amounts of UV rays from the sun.

To restore & protect stamped colored concrete surfaces in Michigan choose All Surface Restoration, a professional company with lots of experience to do the job. Request a free estimate at: or call 248-475-0004


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