It’s crucial to perform maintenance on your brick pavers once every 2-3 years. Maintenance cleaning, re-sanding & sealing will extend the life and beauty of brick pavers in Oakland County, MI.

Newly installed pavers release calcium oxide producing a white powdery substance on the surface known as “efflorescence”. With regular use and traffic brick pavers will accumulate dirt and stains from the environment.

The best way to maintain brick pavers is to hire All Surface Restoration, an expert in the brick paver maintenance industry since 1990.

The process of brick paver maintenance involves several crucial steps. First, an evaluation the condition of your brick pavers to determine where repairs are needed. Common repairs involve replacing broken retaining edge, re-leveling, repair of steps and walls. After repair process is finished, commercial grade pressure washing equipment is used to properly clean the brick pavers and remove dirt, stains, rubber, oil, grease, grime, algae, moss, mildew & efflorescence from the brick pavers.

Once pavers are fully dry the crack between are filled with commercial grade medium sand or polymeric sand available in tan or gray. Sand levels are adjusted just below brick edges & sand is locked into place.

To complete brick paver maintenance, a sealer is applied to the dry pavers. The sealer has 2 finish options. The most popular option enhances the color of pavers to create a glossy finish. Paver Gloss Sealer penetrates into the paver & sand joints to stabilize & create a glossy finish while stabilizing the sand to prevent loss & washout.

For those who don’t want a glossy look we offer Surface Saver Sealer. It creates a matte finish. It penetrates into the paver to form an invisible barrier against water penetration & future stains.

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