Benefits Of Brick Paver Driveway Cleaning, Sealing & Maintenance In Michigan

If you own a Brick Paver Driveway in Michigan, periodic maintenance will help preserve & protect the beauty & integrity of your valuable investment while enhancing overall curb appeal.

If left unprotected, brick pavers fade just like anything else that’s exposed to the harsh sun. Pavers are made of cement with a pigment additive color layer on the surface. Over time you will notice of the less color and more of the tan or grey colored sand and aggregate stones leaving unsealed pavers with a washed out faded look.

Brick paver driveways rapidly accumulate stains so they should be pressure washed & sealed once every 2 years. All joints should be filled with Polysweep polymeric sand, available in tan or gray, which prevents weeds & moss from accumulating between the joints.

Application of Paver Gloss Sealer protects brick paver driveways from staining from oil, grease, coolant, rubber, salt & chemicals. Stains cannot penetrate the sealed surface making future much cleaning easier. Paver Gloss Sealer is also resistant to rust stains caused by irrigation with well water and fertilizers. The driveway is also resistant to organic natural stains from leafs, bird droppings and atmospheric dirt.

De-icing salts are very damaging to brick paver driveways. Paver Gloss sealer will give an extra defense harsh winter deicing chemicals & salts.

Paver Gloss Sealer keeps stains on the surface of the paver making them easier to clean. Even bird droppings that once had to be scrubbed or power washed away are now easily sprayed or wiped off.

Sealing paver driveways prevents moisture from leaching through the pavers and into the base. With less water held in the pavers you also have less risk of mildew, mold and algae growth on the surface of the pavers.

To request an estimate on brick paver maintenance visit surface or call 248-475-0004


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