All Surface Pressure Washing in Oakland County, Michigan

In search of the MOST QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED exterior hardscape surface restoration company in the area? Look no further than the experts at ALL SURFACE RESTORATION in Oakland County, Michigan. We specialize in maintenance cleaning & sealing of ALL types of exterior surfaces including:

Limestone, Bluestone & Sandstone-

Natural stone surfaces are delicate and require special cleaners & equipment to produce superior results.  Don’t trust your natural stone care to unqualified handymen and landscapers to meet your needs.  We treat exterior hardscapes with the skill & attention they deserve!

Rust Stain & Efflorescence Removal-

Irrigation rust & fertilizer stains are difficult to remove to remove without damaging the surface. We specialize in complete removal of iron stains.  We also remove stubborn efflorescence stains which make the surface look white & hazy.

Driveways, Walkways, Porches & Steps-

Bright, clean hardscape surfaces will enhance the overall appearance of your property.  Our pressure washing service is quick, affordable, long lasting, and the results are superior!

Brick Pavers & Patios-

Exterior hardscape surfaces are more enjoyable when they are clean & looking like new. Our paver patio pressure washing & restoration surfaces will transform old, dirty, faded looking pavers & patio’s. We offer repair, cleaning, polymeric sanding & sealing services!

Pool Decks-

It’s important to keep pool decks clean & free of moss or mildew which creates a slippery, dangerous surface which could result in injury. Our pool deck pressure washing service will TRANSFORM your home’s pool deck to a like new appearance!

Contact ALL SURFACE RESTORATION to request a free estimate at or call 248-475-0004


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