Many homeowners often overlook the importance of sealing their concrete driveway. Concrete driveway sealing is a great way to protect against stain penetration caused by moisture absorption. Concrete driveway sealing is vital to protect against damage & stains.

To protect the concrete we apply Surface Saver Sealer which absorbs into the pores and capillaries preventing moisture from entering from the surface.

It creates a lasting barrier to prevent freeze thaw spalling & cracking which often occurs during the winter frost cycles. It reduces staining from mold, mildew, oil, grease & rubber. Surface Saver Sealer prevents any moisture absorption while remaining 100% breathable allowing excellent water vapor transmission. Surface Saver Sealer will not alter the natural appearance or texture of the concrete. It does not make the concrete surface slippery when wet.

Concrete driveway maintenance will save you money and is an affordable way to increase the overall longevity of your new or old concrete driveway. Request a free estimate for concrete driveway sealing at: or 248-475-0004

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