Preventing Weeds & Moss In Brick Pavers In Michigan

Brick pavers feature open spaces, or joints, between the individual units. These joints make pavers a practical choice for climates like Michigan’s because the soil expands and contracts during extreme changes in weather.

Quickly, joints will create a welcome mat for unwanted guests. Surface weeds begin to emerge from soil blowing or being tracked onto the surface of the pavers, settling in the joints. Moss thrives in shady locations that stay damp & wet for extended periods of time. Ants often will tunnel into joint sand especially in sunny locations.

Weed killers, ant powders or moss-killing fungicides are quick ways to get rid of patio pests, but because these are more “reactive” solutions to the problem, consider a polymeric sand & sealer to prevent pests from appearing altogether.

To begin the process we remove all weeds & moss using pressure washing. After pavers are fully dry we use polymeric sand to fill the joints between the pavers. Misting the surface with water until damp activates the polymer. Once the polymer dries it forms a hard but flexible joint, which keeps ants and surface weeds from overtaking your brick paver driveway, patio & walkway.

Don’t waste free time manually removing weeds from your brick pavers. Our process is economical & highly effective in controlling weeds & moss, keeping your pavers looking great. Request an estimate by visiting surface or call 248-475-0004


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