Cleaning & Sealing Of Concrete In Michigan Is Smart Preventative Maintenance

Concrete pressure washing is not an easy service. It uses a combination of eco-friendly cleaners, low-pressure washing techniques and experience to effectively rid concrete surfaces of tough stains.

Concrete is first pre-treated with a concrete brightener & surface cleaner to break down the surface stains and give the concrete a streak free appearance. After rinsing, a special eco-friendly cleaner is applied to remove the tough stains, like oil, grease and rust.

Our “soft wash” concrete pressure washing process will transform old, neglected concrete surfaces to a like new appearance.  The term “soft wash” refers to utilizing flat surface cleaners as opposed to the wand method to reduce overall working pressure per square inch. This method allows us to clean large areas of concrete safely & effectively. Utilizing a high water volume, low water pressure cleaning method does not damage or degrade the concrete surface.

Many concrete installers do not inform clients on the importance of regular intervals of cleaning & sealing maintenance to preserve & protect the concrete from water penetration damage.

To preserve & protect concrete we apply Surface Saver Sealer. Surface Saver is a Siloxane sealer that penetrates into the concrete. It has many advantages over surface film type sealers such as acrylics, silicones and epoxies. The siloxane bonds chemically to the pores inside and below the surface of the concrete. This keeps liquid water from entering. UV rays cannot degrade a siloxane sealer.

Concrete cleaned & sealed with Surface Saver Sealer will have the same appearance as if it were unsealed when fully dry. The penetrating siloxane sealer forms a lasting bond below concrete surface to provide a long life. The Penetrating nature of the sealer means that high traffic areas like driveways, patios & walkways will not lose protection from high use.

Concrete will maintain its natural texture and sheen with a Surface Saver Sealer. It allows interior water vapor to leave the concrete. This is an important advantage of using a penetrating sealer.

A surface film sealer will keep interior water vapor that needs to escape inside the concrete. In a cold climate, water vapor trapped behind a surface film sealer will freeze and cause the concrete to spall or flake as illustrated in the photo above.

Our concrete cleaning & sealing process will make a dramatic improvement to all types of concrete & it’s smart preventative maintenance. Request an estimate at or call 248-475-0004


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