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Since 1990 we have grown to become the leading exterior hardscape pressure washing & sealing company in Oakland & Clawson County, Michigan.
We pressure wash, power wash, seal & restore all types of exterior hardscape surfaces such as brick pavers, concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, limestone, bluestone, sandstone, brick & stone masonry, composite decks, retaining walls, garage floors & tennis courts.
We transform hardscape surfaces to a like new condition by removing years of dirt, mold, mildew & stain build-up. We utilize superior grade cleaners & sealers manufactured in Michigan.
Our team of experts takes pride in providing top quality workmanship & attention to detail to produce superior results on each project. We have many local area references & provide excellent customer service.

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Our Services for Clawson , Michigan

Bluestone Restoration Clawson , Michigan

Bluestone surfaces require regular maintenance cleaning to remove dirt, environmental stains. All bluestone should be sealed to protect the stone & mortar joints from the deteriorating effects of salt & moisture penetration.

Brick Paver Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Brick paver maintenance is a process of pressure washing, re-filling paver joints with sand & application of a sealer. Brick pavers should be sealed every 2-3 years

Composite Deck Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Composite decks require maintenance pressure washing using a cleaner to lift dirt, grime & organism growth. Application of Surface Saver Sealer helps prevent moisture penetration & reduces the frequency of cleanings.

Exposed Aggregate Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Exposed aggregate surfaces are highly susceptible to damage caused by road salt penetration. Sealing exposed aggregate protects the surface from damage caused by weathering deterioration.

Limestone Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Limestone is very light in appearance & develops carbon, soot & organic stains. Application of a limestone cleaner & pressure washing removes years of build-up. Sealing will keep it looking clean.

Stamped Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Over time, stamped concrete develops stains & looks dull & faded. Pressure washing & sealing stamped concrete with a clear acrylic sealer enhances the color & protects the surface against water penetration, stains & UV fading.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Concrete is very porous quickly accumulates stains. Pressure washing & sealing should be performed once every 2-3 years to lock out water, road salt & organic stains.

Masonry Cleaning & Sealing Clawson , Michigan

Exterior masonry requires cleaning to remove stain build-up. Sealing Masonry will prevent deterioration from weathering, pollution, soot, dirt & erosion.

Tennis Court Cleaning Clawson , Michigan

Tennis court surfaces attract dirt, mold, algae & lichen which leads to a slippery & dangerous playing surface. Application of our exclusive fungicidal treatment & pressure washing kills common stains & transforms the court surface to a like new appearance.

Brick Paver Restoration Clawson , Michigan

We offer complete brick paver maintenance: large & small repair, cleaning, stripping, joint re-sanding & sealing.

Repairs: We refer an experienced repair technician to diagnose & fix problems at a reasonable cost. You will always receive a free estimate prior to the start of any repair work. Common repairs include re-leveling low or high spots, replacing cracked concrete edge restraint with new edging, adding base underlayment & compacting, replacing damaged or missing pavers, re-building steps and retaining walls.


Cleaning: Periodic cleaning of brick pavers extends the life & appearance. New & previously unsealed pavers give off concrete dust which is easily tracked onto interior flooring. Stains begin to accumulate rapidly in the pores of the surface. As new pavers cure, calcium oxide is released & begins to appear on the surface as a white powdery substance or white rings. We apply specialized cleaners used in conjunction with pressure washing the surface to remove stains from tire rubber, dirt, weeds, moss, mildew, mold, algae, grease, oil & calcium oxide.


Stripping: Stripping acrylic sealer is sometimes necessary if there is a build-up problem. Over application of sealer often causes a white haze to appear over the entire surface. This haze makes it difficult to see the color of the pavers, detracting from the overall look. Some acrylic sealers contain low quality acrylic resins which can turn yellow when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. When a clear sealer turns yellow, ugly or begins to peel or flake it most likely needs stripping. Stripping is also a way to remove sand which was sealed to the surface of the pavers. We apply a powerful stripping agent that allows removal of multiple layers of acrylic sealer. Then we rinse the stripper & previous sealer away using water pressure. The result is a surface that looks like it has never been sealed before, totally restored & ready for sealing.


Polymeric Sand Installation: After the brick pavers are pressure washed, dirt, moss, mildew, weeds & stains are removed. Next, we install Polysweep Polymeric Sand available in Tan, Gray & Platinum colors. Once activated it hardens to form a solid bond between the brick pavers. Polymeric sand remains stable & helps prevent moisture penetration which leads to erosion, freeze thaw expansion, moss, weeds & dirt accumulation. Polymeric sand gives the brick pavers a finished look & keeps them looking like new!


Sealing: After surface is cleaned & sand is filled in, it’s time to apply a sealer. Our most popular sealer for brick pavers is Paver Gloss Acrylic Sealer, which creates a wet look by enhancing the natural color of brick pavers. Paver Gloss prevents moss, weeds, stains & loss of joint sand due to washout. It makes old pavers look new again by restoring the color. If you desire no change in the natural appearance of the pavers, we recommend Surface Saver Sealer. This siloxane sealer forms a chemical bond up to ¼ inch below the surface which prevents water penetration and is 100% breathable & invisible. Future stains become easier to remove because they can no longer penetrate the pores of the sealed surface.


To request a free estimate click on the contact us link or call 248-475-0004. To purchase Surface Restoration System professional grade products, go to our store.

Hardscape Restoration Clawson , Michigan

Brick Pavers, Natural Stone, Concrete, Stamped Colored Concrete, Masonry, Block, Boulders & Exposed Aggregate

No matter how old, dirty or neglected your surface is, we can restore it to a like-new condition by washing & sealing. Our process will protect & enhance the natural beauty & condition of the surface avoiding costly repair & replacement. If repairs are needed, we can refer an expert repairman who will fix common problems, such as tuckpointing- replacing cracked or damaged mortar joints.
Our hardscape restoration process:
Pre-wet the surface & apply necessary cleaning agents such as efflorescence cleaner, de-greaser, de-stainer or detergent to remove difficult stains from the pores of the surface.
Pressure wash the surface using state of the art equipment to remove all moss, mildew, mold, dirt & stains.
Low pressure rinse surface & the entire surrounding area.
Apply an appropriate sealer to the surface depending on surface type, condition & appearance desired.
We offer 2 different sealers for hardscape maintenance & preservation. If you goal is to maintain the natural “matte” appearance of the surface we recommend Surface Saver, a water based siloxane sealer. It penetrates up to ¼ inch into the surface to form a lasting chemical bond that will not trap moisture or water vapor at the surface. Surface Saver repels surface moisture, chemicals, de-icing salts, & stains keeping them from soaking in & damaging the integrity of the surface. When future dirt & stains appear, they will be much easier to remove.
Surface Saver is the best choice for bare concrete, limestone, bluestone, flagstone, fieldstone, grindstone, slate & brick masonry.
To create a glossy wet look on brick pavers, stamped colored concrete & exposed aggregate we recommend Paver Gloss sealer. Paver Gloss is a professional grade clear acrylic sealer which enhances the natural color of the treated surface while protecting against stains & UV color fade. Paver Gloss acrylic sealer creates a protective barrier against surface against abrasions, dirt, moss, mold, & chemicals. Dirt & stains will easily release from the treated surface by rinsing the surface using a garden hose & spray nozzle. Paver Gloss will not make the surface slippery, so it’s a great choice for driveways, walkways, patio’s & pool decks.
To request a free estimate click on the contact us link or call 248-475-0004. To purchase Surface Restoration System professional grade products, go to our store.

Composite Deck Restoration Clawson , Michigan

We offer complete brick paver maintenance: large & small repair, cleaning, stripping, joint re-sanding & sealing.

If you have a composite deck, chances are you have discovered that it is not maintenance free. The composite surface is a breeding ground for many stubborn environmental stains such as mold. Most composite manufacturers recommend cleaning the surface at least twice a year, or whenever stains first appear. Our goal is to remove the stains & reduce the frequency of cleanings to help you maintain the like-new appearance for the longest duration possible.
We a specialized composite deck cleaner to remove common stains such as mold, mildew, algae, grease & dirt:
Composite Deck Cleaner – Algae & Mold Remover. It contains no bleach, (sodium hypochlorite), oxalic acid, phosphates or ammonia. It’s eco-friendly, bio-degradable, non-toxic & has no harmful odors. It produces excellent results removing embedded stains from the pores. To prevent future recurrance of stains we apply a protective sealer after cleaning.
Step 1- Application of Composite deck cleaner – Algae & Mold Remover
A high strength, oxygen powered cleaner formulated for composite decks that creates a foaming action penetrating deep into the pores to attack dirt, algae, mold & mildew at the root. Composite deck cleaner is not harmful to humans, pets, grass or your landscape. After application the surface is low pressure rinsed to remove stubborn embedded stains. Composite deck cleaner typically removes most stains with a single application. Stubborn stains may require an additional applications.
Step 2- Application of Surface saver sealer – Algae & Mold Barrier
A breakthrough clear liquid sealer applied after the composite surface is clean, dry & all stains are removed. It forms a 100% breathable stain barrier which works continually & proactively to prevent algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, odor & hydrocarbons from attaching to the surface. Surface saver sealer clear liquid contains nano-sized ultraviolet reactive particles that continually react with the sun’s UV rays & moisture. This constant photo-catalytic reaction produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the composite surface. Hydrogen peroxide prevents the accumulation of algae & mold by preventing it from forming & growing. If you are frustrated with frequent cleaning of your composite deck, this is a highly effective solution to reduce the frequency & expense of multiple cleanings each season.

Biggest Mistakes Composite Deck Owners Make

Not cleaning composite surfaces regularly & throughlyMany owners have been told composite decks are maintenance free. Therefore they fail to do periodic cleaning to remove mold, mildew & algae stains which rapidly begin to take root in the pores of the composite surface. In a short time, mold spots & mildew begin to develop, becoming progressively worse over time. If these stains are left on the surface for an extended period, removal can be expensive, frustrating & labor intensive. Regular cleaning at least 1-2 times a season is highly recommended by composite manufacturers to remove rapid build-up of dirt, stains, algae, mold & mildew.
Using a typical deck cleaner which contains chlorine bleachComposite deck cleaner is specifically designed to clean composite decks safely & effectively without bleach. Bleach is damaging to composite lumber and fades the color with repeated applications. Using bleach-based deck cleaners will only exacerbate mold growth, making future stains even more difficult to remove. Rather that waste time & money cleaning the surface yourself, it’s best to leave the task to an experienced professional. A typical deck cleaner is not designed to be used to clean a composite deck.
Not applying a protective barrier to composite after cleaningSurface saver sealer is a breakthrough clear liquid that will continually act as a barrier against algae, mold, mildew, bacteria, and hydrocarbons from attaching to the pores of the surface. Failing to apply a sealer to your composite deck will result in frequent recurrance of common stains which require multiple cleanings each & every season to remove.


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