Power Washing & Sealing Concrete Reduces Spalling

Power Washing & Sealing Concrete Reduces Spalling on Driveway’s, Patio’s, Porches, Walkways & Garage Floors in Oakland & Macomb County Michigan. Spalling occurs when the top surface of the concrete flakes off and reveals the rough, rocky aggregate layer below the surface. Extreme climate conditions in Michigan can be harsh on exterior concrete if left unprotected.

Spalling often happens during the freeze thaw cycles of winter. Water penetrates into the surface of unsealed concrete and then freezes, expands. Melting snow & winter precipitation creates a lot of water which unsealed concrete will absorb. Spalling also occur when salt or other de-icing chemicals are used to melt the snow. These chemicals will absorb & weaken the surface of the concrete causing it to crumble.

Pressure washing & sealing concrete regularly will help prevent the severity of cracking and spalling. Concrete should be sealed with Surface Saver Sealer to lock out moisture, spills & prevent future stains. Surface Saver will absorb into the concrete to form an invisible barrier that will not change the natural look of the concrete once fully dry. It offers great protection for driveway’s, patio’s, porches & walkways. Sealing concrete regularly does not completely eliminate spalling; however, it reduces the potential of it occurring by eliminating moisture & salt penetration.

Don’t wait until your concrete starts spalling because it will only get worse over time. Take action by contacting All Surface Restoration an experienced concrete cleaning & sealing company in Michigan surfacerestoration.com/contact or 248-475-0004


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