Why You Should Seal Exterior Concrete In Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

For driveways, walkways, porches & patios, concrete sealer is necessary to maintain the beauty of your investment and protect your home surfaces from staining and damage. Learn about the benefits of Surface Saver concrete sealer and how often it should be applied to ensure maximum protection in Michigan’s varied climate.

Many people think of concrete as a highly durable material. While this is true, concrete is also a porous compound that is highly susceptible to staining and water damage. To prevent damage, a penetrating coating of protective sealant can be applied over the surface of the concrete. When applied correctly, this sealant creates an invisible, impenetrable barrier that shields concrete from staining, road salt and water damage.

Over time, concrete sealant can be worn away, exposing the underlying concrete to potential damage. As such, it is important to reapply Surface Saver concrete sealer on a regular basis. This is especially true in high-traffic areas. Resealing exterior concrete in Michigan every two to three years helps preserve & protect you investment.

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