Winter months are one of the hardest for unsealed concrete & stone patios because moisture is constantly penetrating then freezing & thawing causing damage & deterioration.

Sealing stone & concrete is ideal because it will protect the stone throughout the harsh environmental conditions which occur in Michigan. To help keep stone & concrete protected during the warm months, investing in sealing is vital. While the best time to seal is right after installation, most concrete & stone patios need to be sealed once every two to three years.

If there is any outdoor water such as a saltwater pond or a swimming pool surrounding a concrete or stone patio, sealing the patio is necessary. Salt, chlorine, and moisture can cause premature deterioration. If the stone is bluestone, sandstone, travertine, limestone, there is an even greater risk of early wear dur to the extreme porosity of the stone.

In addition to risk of harsh chemicals from the pool, a stone patio is also at risk of being exposed to acids and sugars which can slowly eat away at stone if spills of beverages occur. Soda, juice, and other drinks can cause patios to easily stain and decay.

Choosing a professional company to preform concrete & stone patio sealing is an important decision. Factors that should be considered include the years in business, the cost, and quality of their sealer. All Surface Restoration is a Michigan company in business for 30 years that can be turned to again and again for a variety of concrete & stone patio maintenance needs such as restoration, pressure washing & sealing.

To protect a concrete or stone patio’s from harsh elements and chemicals, have them sealed as soon as possible. Once a patio has been sealed it will stay much cleaner & dirt & moisture will be locked out. Don’t wait until damage has already occurred to take action. Seal an outdoor concrete or stone patio now by contacting the experts at All Surface Restoration at 248-475-0004 or surface


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