Concrete Pressure Washing & Sealing For Patio, Porch, Driveway, Walkway in Oakland County Michigan

Pressure washing and sealing by All Surface Restoration will remove the most stubborn fluid stains, tire marks, and unsightly grime from your concrete patio, walkway or driveway in southeast Michigan. Our unique process removes more than ordinary pressure washers, because we use specialized equipment & chemicals that deep clean with precise mechanical control. We employ safe cleaning techniques that contain overspray during the cleaning process to ensure a neat job without the mess.

Don’t settle for an inferior pressure washing job. All Surface Restoration uses flat surface cleaners that produce better results much than a hand held wand. In addition to being very slow, hand held wands can damage the concrete by creating too much pressure in a small area. Unfortunately, most power washing contractors do not use flat surface cleaners, for no other reason than they are expensive to purchase & maintain. By investing in the best equipment & cleaning chemicals we are able to offer competitive pricing & superior results in transforming your concrete to a like new appearance.

After your driveway has been thoroughly cleaned, we seal it with Surface Saver Sealer. This water-based siloxane sealant penetrates into the concrete to form a chemical bond below the surface to lock out moisture & stains. Surface Saver is 100% breathable to allow moisture within concrete to escape. Surface Saver Sealer will not change the natural appearance of the concrete or make it slippery when wet.

The major benefit of sealing concrete in Michigan is to prevent spalling & freeze thaw damage which occurs during the winter months. Concrete is similar to a sponge with pores which will absorb moisture, salt & stains in a short period of time. Road salt can penetrate & weaken the concrete causing spalling & crumbling. Stains that absorb deep into the concrete can be difficult to remove. Sealing concrete ensures that future stains will be easier to remove because they exist on the surface of the sealer.

If your concrete porch, walkway, patio or driveway looks dirty, stained & in need of restoration, contact the experts at All Surface Restoration to request a free estimate for pressure cleaning & sealing at 248-475-0004 or surface


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