Brick Paver Restoration

Removing White Residue Efflorescence From Brick Pavers

Efflorescence is the white, chalky residue that forms on the surface of brick pavers. Efflorescence is completely natural and occurs with all concrete paving products containing cement.
Efflorescence forms when the calcium oxide naturally found in the cement mixes with water to form calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide migrates to the surface of the pavers where it comes in contact with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate, a white, chalky residue referred to as efflorescence.

The formation of efflorescence is NOT a sign of defective or damaged concrete brick pavers. Efflorescence will naturally disappear on its own once all of the calcium oxide in the cement leaches out, but this can take a long period of time. The more rain that concrete brick pavers absorb, the quicker the efflorescence will leach out.

Should I Remove Efflorescence Prior To Sealing Brick Pavers?

Yes, our exclusive Efflorescence Cleaner is specially formulated to safely remove efflorescence from concrete brick pavers. After application pressure washing using the proper tools & techniques is needed to rinse the calcium carbonate away. Extreme cases of efflorescence may require multiple treatments.

If efflorescence is making your pavers look dull & chalky, contact the paver maintenance experts at All Surface Restoration to receive an estimate on cleaning your brick pavers.