Brick Paver Driveway Repair, Cleaning, Polymeric Sand & Sealing Transforms A Neglected Driveway In Rochester Hills Michigan

Brick pavers allow dirt, weeds, moss & moisture to penetrate rapidly unless properly maintained. Michigan winters feature severe freeze thaw cycles that often cause movement of pavers.

This driveway in Rochester Hills was neglected for many years. Ground moisture from irrigation constantly migrated out of the base of the driveway causing many pavers to slowly deteriorate & crumble apart.

The first phase of the brick paver driveway restoration process involved replacing over 120 damaged & deteriorated pavers throughout driveway. This was a complex task because this color & type of brick was no longer manufactured. The repairman was able to locate a match in color & style that was identical to the existing pavers.

The pavers were full moss & dirt between the joints. Pressure washing the brick pavers using flat surface cleaner removed it all leaving pavers with a clean, like new appearance.

Next, tan polysweep polymeric sand was installed. It is designed to harden & stabilize between the joints between the brick pavers. Polymeric sand sand will prevent future deterioration of the pavers caused by water or salt penetration.

Although the pavers looked brand new after the cleaning the color was a bit faded & dull looking. Application of Paver Gloss clear acrylic sealer immediately enhanced the colors of the pavers providing a satin wet look. Sealing the pavers with Paver Gloss Sealer protects the pavers against all types of organic stains, UV color fading & moisture & salt penetration. Paver Gloss Sealer allows snow & ice to melt more rapidly during winter because moisture can no longer absorb into the pavers. Investing in proper brick maintenance TRANSFORMED this driveway into a beautiful, functional work of art.

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