Pressure washing & sealing exterior concrete is best left to a professional who uses specialized chemicals & cleaning equipment to achieve the very best results possible. Service providers should be professional, insured, responsive, and to be responsible. Customers trust service companies to provide quality work without cutting corners. Sadly, many pressure washing companies apply inferior or incorrect sealants to concrete in an effort to save costs and increase profits.

Membrane sealers leave a layer of film on top of concrete which repels moisture. Though membrane sealers can be effective and appropriate for stamped colored concrete or exposed aggregate, they should not be used on porous concrete. Membrane sealers generally last a couple years. A membrane sealer on the surface of concrete tends to wear quicker than penetrating sealer.

Not all concrete is created equal. Exposed aggregate or stamped colored concrete is not the same as regular concrete. Using a one-size-fits-all general sealer designed to protect a wide range of surfaces is not ideal. Many of these all-purpose sealers use silicone based and include organic fillers like plant oils which make them a very cheap making them a popular choice.

The price difference is significant & you get precisely what you pay for. The difference in quality is just as significant as the difference in price. A sealer designed for a very specific kind of concrete will always outperform one designed to cover a multitude of surfaces.

Regular concrete is especially porous & is similar to a sponge with many natural gaps and spaces. Because of its especially porous nature compared to smooth or decorative concrete, regular porous concrete should be protected with Surface Saver a silane-siloxane sealer. Silane particles are very small and are designed to penetrate deep past the porous surface of the concrete. Siloxane particles are larger than the silane particles and so penetrate the concrete at shallower levels. The combination of these two polymers make for the perfect concrete sealing results. The penetrating silane particles work in concert with the surface level siloxane particles to form a waterproof barrier that locks out water and salts. The silane-siloxane sealer is specifically engineered for the porous concrete & far superior to the one-size-fits-all sealers most pressure washing companies use. All Surface Restoration is the pressure washing company you can trust. We guarantee to only use a premium grade, deep penetrating, silane-siloxane Surface Saver Sealer. To request a free estimate call 248-475-0004 or visit


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