The Truth About Polymeric Sand- What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

It’s easy to imagine that all brands of polymeric sand are identical until the brand you purchased fails. Over the years we have had the opportunity to test every major brand of polymeric sand on the market for cohesion, adhesion & set up.

The most durable, longest lasting type of polymeric sand is Polysweep. It is a blend of sands with high quality synthetic polymers specially formulated to allow joints to expand & contract with extreme freeze thaw cycles.

Many types of polymeric sand rely on portland cement, which often causes hazing, & cracking. Portland cement does not surpass a cohesion threshold that will prevent heavy rain or strong wind from causing washout. Organic polymers used in many less expensive types of sand are not as strong as synthetic polymers. The cost of fixing the sand failure is higher than simply using a high quality polymer from the start.

Polysweep polymeric sand can be used on joints up to ¾ wide. It creates a superior strength, semi-solid joint. It has an advanced clear set technology, which uses high quality clear polymers that don’t leave a haze behind.

It will reduce overall maintenance by inhibiting weed growth & deterring insects.  It’s performance is not affected by salt & damaging deicers.

Polysweep is available in Tan or Gray to best accent the color of your brick pavers, cast stone pavements, slabs & natural stone. Don’t be fooled into thinking all brands of polymeric sand are equal. Don’t waste money on inferior polymeric sand which will cause surface hazing or wash away. Your project deserves the best finish possible, Polysweep superior strength polymeric sand.

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