Benefits of Stamped Colored Concrete Pressure Washing & Sealing in Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

If stamped colored concrete is left unsealed, the colors will fade from the sun’s UV rays, dirt will quickly attach to the surface, moisture can penetrate and stains from oil & fluid leaks will begin to appear. Regular maintenance is vital to preserve the beauty & integrity. You have made a substantial investment decorative concrete and it needs to be protected.

Sealing exterior stamped colored concrete is the best way to minimize color fading from the sun’s UV rays. An unsealed, stamped colored concrete surface can fade in a matter of a couple months. Paver Gloss Sealer adds depth of color producing a satin gloss surface appearance. It enhances the natural colors of the concrete while reflecting damaging UV rays of the sun.

A main benefit of sealing exterior decorative concrete surfaces is the ease of maintenance. Dirt and dust can be easily hosed off the surface, and spills wipe right up, leaving the surface unaffected.

Concrete has enemies, rain or snow & freezing temps. An unsealed decorative concrete surface allows water to penetrate the pores of the concrete, and freeze-thaw cycle does causes cracking, spalling & damage. Paver Gloss Sealer stops water penetration before damage occurs and protects from abrasions.

Looking to protect & enhance the appearance of new stamped colored concrete or transform the look of a faded, worn out looking job? Are you located in Oakland County & Macomb County County Michigan?
Contact the stamped decorative concrete pressure washing & sealing experts at All Surface Restoration at: or 248-475-0004


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