Brick Paver Restoration


Spring is a prefect time to carefully examine your brick pavers to determine if any repairs, pressure cleaning, stripping, joint sanding or sealing is needed. Routine brick paver maintenance is necessary to preserve & protect the value & beauty of your installation. Here are some ways All Surface Restoration can help you maintain your brick pavers:

1) Pressure Washing
Our specialized equipment cleans your pavers effectively without making a mess of the surroundings. We can transform your pavers to a like new appearance removing years of environmental dirt, stains, algae & mildew. Our process will effectively remove moss from the joints leaving pavers looking great.

2) Stripping
Sometimes acrylic sealers turn yellow, hazy or discolor. We can completely remove a previous applied sealer, which has failed to ensure pavers can be re sealed properly.

3) Polymeric Sand Installation
After we have properly washed your pavers & removed dirt & moss from the joints, we fill the cracks between pavers with polymeric sand available in Tan or Gray. Polymeric Sand locks moisture out of the cracks between the pavers which preventions future weeds & moss.

4) Sealing
Sealing of brick pavers should be done at least once every 2-3 years, depending on the amount of exposure to the sun, water, traffic & weathering. Sealing helps protect pavers from color fading & stains. Sealing will help deter weeds and ants. Weather you prefer a matte or glossy finish, sealing your pavers allows for ultimate protection and long-lasting durability.

Searching Brick Paver Repair & Maintenance In Michigan?
If your pavers are in need of restoration, contact the experts at All Surface Restoration. We’re here to help keep your brick pavers well maintained and looking like new. Oakland, Macomb, Wayne County Michigan residents can request a free estimate by visiting: