Brick Paver Maintenance Clean, Sand, Seal in Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Time, nature & stains all take a toll on your paver driveways and patios. What was once the a great looking outdoor space has now become an eyesore you’ve been avoiding. Patio restoration not only returns your pavers to their former beauty, it protects them for future degradation.
You won’t believe what’s hiding under your dirty, weed infested, pavers. Our three-step process deep cleans and protects paver patios for years to come. To receive a free brick paver maintenance estimate, contact the experts at All Surface Restoration.

Step One
• Independent repairman will identify any necessary repairs
• Extract sunken pavers
• Replace broken edge restraint and reset uneven pavers
• Use vibratory plate compactorsto level pavers

Step Two
• Clean with specialized chemicals & professional high-pressure washers
• Clean with industry-leading flat surface cleaner to eliminate dirt completely
• Remove weeds & moss to transform pavers to a look like new appearance

Step Three
• Seal pavers to protect against stains and UV rays
• Stabilize joints by hardening the sand between pavers, eliminating years of sweeping
• Apply sealers to achieve matte or wet look appearance
• Transform pavers to a beautiful, new-looking, low-maintenance appearance

Without Professional Paver Maintenance
• Milky, cloudy, striped, hazing from improper sealing or cleaning making your investment less valuable for future buyers
• Negative impression of your home even before people set foot through your front door
• Uneven, sunken pavers that are hazardous to children and guests
• The wrong material and process creates more mold and movement

With Professional Paver Maintenance
• Little to no disruption one-day cleaning and repair to start enjoying your patio pavers again immediately
• Increased property value and long-term protection for your investment with less cost and less time
• Less sweeping, less dust, and increased protection from UV rays and stains
• Higher return on investment with little cost to you


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