Efflorescence Cleaner For Brick Pavers, Concrete, Stamped Colored Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Stone & Brick Masonry Surfaces

Efflorescence Cleaner breaks down and removes efflorescence, mineral deposits, mold and mildew, and lime deposits from concrete, bricks and other exterior stone & masonry surfaces. Safer and easier than hazardous acids. Also kills molds and mildew on contact. Leaves no residue. Quickly & safely removes efflorescence, mineral stains, and lime deposits. The user friendly formula is water-based, non-flammable & biodegradable.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Poured concrete, concrete block, brick masonry, brick pavers, stone masonry, exposed aggregate & stamped colored concrete. Efflorescence cleaner emulsifies and removes: efflorescence, lime deposits, metal salt stains, molds and mildew.

PREPARATION: Cover all other objects like fixtures, windows, metallic frames, and plants to protect them against over-spray.

EASY APPLICATION: Pre-wet the surface, mix efflorescence cleaner 1:1 with water & apply using a low-pressure sprayer. Preferably, use a sprayer made entirely of polyethylene (like RoundupĀ® sprayer) to avoid damage to metal parts. Allow cleaner to react and emulsify the deposits. While still wet, re-spray heavily effloresced areas & scrub with stiff brush prior to pressure washing.

EASY CLEANUP: Simply rinse sprayer with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid.

Order Efflorescence Cleaner shipped UPS ground to all 48 U.S. states except Alaska & Hawaii at: surfacerestoration.com/shop


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