Tennis Court Cleaning & Sports Court Cleaning in Oakland County, Michigan

It pays to hire All Surface Restoration, an expert using the proper equipment & chemicals to clean your tennis court or sports court in Oakland County, Michigan.

The thin top layer of the court should not be cleaned using a pressure washer & wand method. This method can leave stripes & cause expensive irreparable damage by directing extreme pressure in a tiny area, resulting in removal of paint.  Neglecting to regularly clean a tennis court promotes mold and mildew build up. A dark, dirty, moldy tennis court surface can be very slippery & dangerous. The court can absorb heat and cause expansion of the surface and create cracks, splits, and a deteriorating condition.

We specialize in RESTORING the like new appearance of tennis courts & sports courts. We will TRANSFORM your dirty, moldy tennis court or sports court surface to a LIKE NEW appearance. After cleaning the vibrant colors are visible once again promoting happy and healthy playing conditions.

Pressure washing a tennis court with water alone is not effective. Power washing can also create damage to the surface if the water pressure is not calibrated for a soft type of surface material.  All Surface Restoration cleaning technicians use the correct mixtures of disinfecting chemicals and surfactants to achieve the proper level of clean without damaging the surface material.

We apply a chlorinated detergent which kills and softens the mold and mildew allowing the stains to be lifted using a safe amount of water pressure.  We are your solution for tennis court or sports court cleaning.  Our trained professionals can gently and thoroughly provide a clean and healthy atmosphere.

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