Tennis Court & Sport Court Cleaning should be a regularly scheduled maintenance event. Things like dirt, mold, mildew, algae; lichen & environmental stains can build-up on the surface. This build-up can lead to slippery & dangerous playing conditions.

All Surface Restoration is Michigan’s MOST EXPERIENCED tennis & sport court cleaning company. Tennis & sport court cleaning is not an easy do it yourself task. It requires specialized cleaners, professional tools & professional cleaning equipment. All Surface Restoration has 30 years of experience in properly cleaning courts throughout southeast Michigan.

First, we remove any loose debris such as twigs, branches & leaves. Next, we apply a fungicidal moss & algae treatment formulated to cut through the dirt & grime. The treatment will ensure that all the roots, mold & mildew spores & surface algae is totally removed. Our soft-wash process safely deep cleans the surface restoring the like new appearance. We utilize flat surface cleaners which remove build-up of dirt & stains without leaving lines on the court as a hand-held wand cleaning method will produce.

After cleaning the court will have much better traction so a clean court is not only safer, but you’ll also have a better game. White lines that were previously covered by dirt will look bright & new, so you can see if the ball landed in or out.

Our process is highly efficient & normally completed in 1 day. Removing dirt & stains from the surface of the court is a dramatic transformation. We recommend you clean your court at least once every few years to keep it looking like new.

Is your tennis court or sport court in Oakland & Macomb county in need of a deep cleaning & restoration service? Contact All Surface Restoration to request a free estimate at: or 248-475-0004


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