Tennis Court Cleaning


Tennis Court & Sport Court Cleaning should be a regularly scheduled maintenance event. Things like dirt, mold, mildew, algae; lichen & environmental stains can build-up on the surface. This build-up can lead to slippery & dangerous playing conditions.

All Surface Restoration is Michigan’s MOST EXPERIENCED tennis & sport court cleaning company. Tennis & sport court cleaning is not an easy do it yourself task. It requires specialized cleaners, professional tools & professional cleaning equipment. All Surface Restoration has 29 years of experience in properly cleaning courts throughout southeast Michigan.

First, we remove any loose debris such as twigs, branches & leaves. Next, we apply a fungicidal moss & algae treatment formulated to cut through the dirt & grime. The treatment will ensure that all the roots, mold & mildew spores & surface algae is totally removed. Our soft-wash process safely deep cleans the surface restoring the like new appearance. We utilize flat surface cleaners which remove build-up of dirt & stains without leaving lines on the court as a hand-held wand cleaning method will produce.

After cleaning the court will have much better traction so a clean court is not only safer, but you’ll also have a better game. White lines that were previously covered by dirt will look bright & new, so you can see if the ball landed in or out.

Our process is highly efficient & normally completed in 1 day. Removing dirt & stains from the surface of the court is a dramatic transformation. We recommend you clean your court at least once every few years to keep it looking like new.

Is your tennis court or sport court in Oakland, Macomb or Wayne county in need of a deep cleaning & restoration service? Contact All Surface Restoration to request a free estimate at: or 248-475-0004