Stamped Decorative Concrete Sealing Specialist in Oakland & Macomb County, Michigan

Pressure Washing & Sealing of Stamped Colored Concrete Pool Decks, Patio’s, Porches, Walkways & Driveways.

Decorative stamped colored concrete is quite durable yet requires periodic maintenance once every 2-3 years. All Surface Restoration will keep your stamped decorative concrete looking like new by pressure washing and resealing.

Sealing decorative stamped colored concrete will restore the faded appearance which occurs over time where the sun’s UV rays cause the existing sealer & integral color to look faded & dull. Paver Gloss Sealer restores & protects the natural color of the stamped colored concrete by creating a protective layer which reflects the sun to prevent fading of integral color of the concrete.

Sealing stamped concrete is vital to maintain the beauty & integrity by offering protection from the elements. Paver Gloss Sealer creates a satin gloss wet look that prevents moisture penetration & protects from stains.

During the winter snow & ice melt away more quickly on stamped decorative concrete which has been sealed. De-icers can be used on the sealed concrete without worry of creating stains or causing spalling or deterioration of the surface.

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