Searching for a Brick Paver Repair in Oakland or Macomb County Michigan?

One of the major advantages of brick pavers is that they are segmental so they can easily be removed & repaired. Brick paver restoration is a process that starts with addressing overall repair needed to restore pavers to a like new condition. Michigan’s varied climate & freeze-thaw cycles cause unwanted movement such as settling & shifting.

We refer an expert repairman to diagnose your unique brick paver repair situation. You receive a detailed on-site estimate which addresses the exact repairs needed & total cost to complete the repair work.

Repairs are required for a number of reasons such as poorly compacted sub-base and bedding sand, insufficient base or wrong base material or improper pitch causing water to puddle & pond. Installers may have used low quality brick pavers or inadequate installation methods resulting in movement of the brick pavers. Causes of movement are often inferior or inadequate edge restraint, poorly laid brick patterns or simply using the wrong type of jointing sand which does not remain stable & washes out.

Common repairs include re-leveling of brick paver patio’s, walkways, driveways, porches, courtyards and pool decks. Rebuilding of brick steps, re-leveling of retaining wall blocks which may have settled or tilted over time. Cap cutting to eliminate the gaps between retaining wall blocks. Downspouts or drains to carry water away from pavers may have be inadequately maintained or installed improperly. Tree roots below or nearby will often expand & cause the pavers to move & shift.

You will receive a free analysis of exactly what caused the failure as well as a solution that will prevent the same issues in the future. When the cause of the underlying problem is fixed properly you save money by avoiding the expense of future repair.

Request a free estimate on brick paver repairs at: or call 248-475-0004.


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