Does brick paver maintenance prevent weeds, moss and algae in Michigan?

The primary cause of weeds, moss, and algae between brick pavers in Michigan is due to inadequate faulty drainage and little or no sun exposure.  Inadequate drainage is often caused by low or sunken areas that contribute to erosion of base material below, improper grading during installation, perimeter walls & excess mulch in landscape beds surrounding the pavers which traps moisture.

When pavers are not draining properly, they remain damp for extended periods of time.  Organic materials begin to attach to the damp brick pavers and sand joints.  Over time, this promotes the growth of moss and algae.  Airborne seeds from weeds and grass also begin to adhere to the damp areas.  The airborne organic materials and seeds landing in wet areas creates the perfect conditions for germination.  The roots then begin in the shallow layer of organic material. The first step to eliminating weeds, moss & algae is to address areas with improper drainage. Our process is not a remedy for poorly installed brick pavers. We refer an expert repairman to estimate and finish repair work prior to the pressure washing, polymeric sand installation & sealing process.

Brick paver maintenance should be done once ever 2-3 years. The process involves pressure washing the pavers using a flat surface cleaning tool & cleaner which removes dirt, stains, weeds, moss, mildew, algae, grease, oil & rust.

Next, polymeric sand is installed which contains an additive that makes the sand hard, similar to mortar.  After application of PAVER GLOSS SEALER (wet look) or SURFACE SAVER SEALER (matte look), moisture is locked out making it extremely difficult for weeds to germinate and grow in the future.

Brick paver maintenance does help prevent weeds, moss and algae in Michigan. Request a free estimate at: or call 248-475-0004


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