Choosing A Qualified Pressure Washing Contractor Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Pressure washing is a professional service in which the most important factor is quality of work achieved once the job is completed. Budget contractors know that the average consumer does not understand the details of pressure washing. They place cheap, substandard equipment in the hands of untrained labor. Without the proper equipment & training they will produce unsatisfactory results or damage your property.

Simply owning a pressure washer does not mean a contractor is a professional. Pressure washers are not required to be licensed in Michigan. This is a reason so many companies like painters, landscapers, installers & handymen offer pressure washing services. Contractors who do not specialize in pressure washing rarely have the experience & professional training needed to deliver safe, high quality results on your project(s).

Inexperienced contractors will offer you cheap pricing as the bait in order to land the job. Everyone has a budget they are hoping you are basing your purchase decision on price alone. Unfortunately, once they get the job they are forced to cut corners in order to make a profit. If you want top quality results make sure you are paying a company to deliver on this promise. If you pick the wrong contractor the first time & the job needs to be re-done, the extra cost of labor & materials will far outweigh the discount price they offered you.

Avoid companies who do not require some type of deposit prior to starting your job. You want to make sure you give the contractor a reason to make you a priority.

Avoid companies who make crafty claims like “specializing in hot water washing”, a desperate attempt of trickery to get the job. Finally, avoid companies who use only water in the process rather than proper cleaning chemicals. Without the proper chemicals, the cleaning results will always be inferior no matter what type of sealer is used. Proper surface preparation is the most important part of the pressure washing & sealing process, which will ensure the sealer will stand the test of time.

All of our employees go through a rigorous hiring process & possess the core values of our company. Honesty, reliability, consistency, humility & integrity are values we look for. All workers must pass a criminal background check, a drug test, provide character references & possess high moral values.

Ask a contractor to provide a copy of Liability & Workers Compensation insurance. If the company you choose lacks insurance, you will be liable for any job related injuries or property damages that occur. If you notice the contractor fumbles around & can’t provide proof, don’t do business with them. One of the best ways to judge a contractor is by looking at overall customer testimonials. If a company does not post all customer testimonials on their website, they are not being 100% transparent.

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