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Has your stamped concrete lost its color? Does it have a hazy or dull appearance? Is water no longer beading off the surface? Michigan’s varied climate changes & environmental factors make it necessary to pressure wash & seal stamped concrete surfaces at least once every 2-3 years.

In Michigan, dirt, mildew & environmental stains will begin to attach to the surface of the concrete rapidly. UV rays from the sun will begin to cause the acrylic sealer on the surface of stamped concrete to fade & look dull. Leaving stamped concrete unprotected causes the internal color & antiquing agent near the surface to lose its rich color. Moisture penetration will cause cracking & decay over time.

Pressure washing & sealing the stamped concrete surface will remove dirt & stains. It is a necessary step in preparation for sealing the stamped concrete surface. It will remove dull worn out sealer haze from the surface.

The most common mistake that applicators make in sealing stamped concrete is over application of sealer. This occurs when you use a roller to apply the sealer or apply excessive coats. No matter what brand of acrylic sealer is applied, it will turn hazy if over coated. Applying a new coat of sealer over a previously applied incompatible sealer will also cause bubbling to occur. This is because the surface is too smooth & prevents the solvent from penetrating the existing sealer.

Another common mistake is using a sealer that is very thick 25-30% acrylic solids. Sealers with high solid content build a surface film, which is too thick & prone to hazing & discoloration due to UV exposure.

If your stamped concrete is slippery when wet we can remedy this situation by adding clear grip sand to the sealer upon request. This will give the surface more traction & make it a lot less slippery when wet.

To restore & protect stamped concrete in Michigan you should hire a professional company with lots of experience to do the job. Fixing an improperly sealed job is a very costly & difficult process, which should be avoided if possible.

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