Preventing Algae & Moss On Brick Pavers In Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Brick pavers require regular maintenance to prevent algae & moss accumulation. Algae & moss is caused by a combination of weather & location. Both prefer damp shady areas because they require moisture to grow & reproduce. Algae & fungus also prefers areas, which have poor water drainage & lots of shade.

A layer of green algae & moss can create a dangerous slippery surface when wet. Under the right conditions, moss can take over a brick paver patio surface. Keeping your pavers clean & dry is the best way to prevent algae & fungus. Also be sure to prune plants, shrubs or trees that hang over the surface to improve sunlight & air flow which will aid in drying time.

Brick pavers should have a slight slope, which will prevent water from ponding. If your patio has area’s with pooling water it may be necessary to dig out shallow drainage channels along the edges & fill them with pea gravel or crushed stone to absorb run off & prevent standing water puddles.

Brick pavers should be pressure washed & sealed to remedy algae & moss issues and restore brick pavers to a like new appearance. It’s crucial to ensure the joint sand between the brick pavers replaced once the pavers are fully dry.

If sealing the pavers with a matte look sealer such as SURFACE SAVER SEALER then polymeric sand must always be used. you are NOT planning on sealing the pavers polymeric sand installation should always be performed to help lock out moisture between the paver joints.

If sealing the pavers with a wet look sealer such as PAVER GLOSS SEALER then commercial grade medium joint sand should be used rather than polymeric sand.

The most effective sealer for brick pavers is PAVER GLOSS SEALER. PAVER GLOSS gives pavers a wet look & stabilizes jointing sand between pavers. PAVER GLOSS SEALER effectively locks moisture out of the pavers & joints between. It has proven to be most effective way to prevent algae & moss on brick pavers.

To request an estimate on brick paver maintenance services visit surface or call 248-475-0004


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