Efflorescence is a white, powdery substance that appears on the surface of brick pavers, brick masonry, stone masonry & concrete surfaces.

Efflorescence is caused by water entering & traveling through in a process called capillary action in which the water dissolves salts contained within the material.

When water reaches the surface, it evaporates leaving salt residue on the surface.

Buildup of these salty deposits over time can cause significant stains, which detract from the natural beauty of the material.

A more severe form of efflorescence is known as lime run. The photos illustrate severe calcium carbonate deposits originating from many spots running down the face of the wall. Lime run occurs at a small hole, opening or hairline crack in the face of the brick masonry. 

Lime run requires large quantities of water following the same path over an extended period of time. The water carries calcium compounds and brings them to the surface of the masonry through an opening. When the moisture reaches the surface it reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form a crusty calcium carbonate deposit. Once lime run begins it will continue until the water source is eliminated.

Pressure washing in conjunction with specialized cleaners will safely remove these stains without damage to the material. Avoid harsh acid based cleaners such as muriatic acid because it will etch away some of the material on the surface.

The best way to prevent efflorescence & carbonate deposits is by application of SURFACE SAVER SEALER.  This penetrating sealer is the best defense against these types of stains. SURFACE SAVER SEALER penetrates into the material to fill the pores & capillaries, forming a bond. It acts as a barrier against penetrating water, yet allows moisture from sub-grade to pass through. 

SURFACE SAVER SEALER does not change the natural appearance of the treated surface & lasts for 3-4 years on horizontal surfaces & 5-7 years on vertical surfaces. SURFACE SAVER SEALER can be applied to all types of masonry, brick, block, stone & concrete surfaces.

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