Concrete Pressure Cleaning Pressure Washing & Sealing In Michigan

Concrete is very common & creates a lasting impression of your home or business. In Michigan it’s important to protect & maintain exterior concrete surfaces.

All concrete is exposed to extreme environmental factors. Your exterior concrete porch, steps, walkway, patio, driveway, parking lot, loading ramp, pool deck are all constantly subjected to stains from the environment like ground in dirt, grime, algae, mildew, moss, mold, oil, rubber, salt, snow, acid rain, rust & fertilizer.

Concrete is extremely porous, therefore stains will quickly penetrate below the surface. Water in the form of precipitation is constantly being absorbed into concrete surfaces causing cracking, chipping & spalling. Environmental stains like those caused by leaf or tree debris are very difficult to remove if left on the surface for an extended period of time.

Pressure washing concrete is a task you should hire a professional with specialized equipment to complete. It’s easy to damage concrete surfaces using a high-pressure washer, the wrong cleaning method or the wrong cleaning chemicals.

Our specialized concrete cleaning equipment uses a low pressure, high volume method to safely clean without being abrasive to the concrete.
We apply safe, effective de-staining chemicals that make dramatic improvements to the appearance. We can effectively remove many types of stains & residue leaving concrete surfaces looking beautiful, transformed & totally restored.

Sealing concrete surfaces after thoroughly cleaning them is vital to maintain the appearance. Unsealed concrete is like a sponge waiting to absorb moisture & stains. To prevent rapid recurrence of stains we apply Surface Saver Sealer. A penetrating siloxane sealer which impregnates the treated surface & forms strong chemical bonds up to ¼ inch below to become an integral part of the concrete.

Surface Saver is not a film forming sealer so it allows migrating moisture trapped within the concrete to escape. It will not allow surface moisture & stains to penetrate. This invisible water & stain barrier keeps all concrete surfaces looking new. Surface Saver Sealer is also long lasting, on average 3-5 years on flat surfaces & 5-8 years on vertical surfaces.

Concrete pressure washing & sealing in Michigan is one of the most economical ways to add curb appeal to your home or business.

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