Stamped Colored Concrete Cleaning & Sealing In Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Like most exterior hardscape surfaces, stamped concrete can start to look dull, faded & worn as it ages. Restoration by a professional pressure washing & sealing service will make a huge difference in reviving the appearance. Your stamped concrete can be damaged if you try to do the work yourself using inferior cleaning methods, tools & sealants.

Stamped colored concrete attracts gum, oil and other stains rapidly. We apply a cleaner to your stamped concrete then use a gentle surface scrubber to remove the stains and gum from your surfaces. This gentle scrubbing is safe for your stamped concrete and allows us to prepare the surface for recoating.

Once we’ve scrubbed your stamped colored concrete, we wash using a flat surface cleaning tool. It is important in this step to get all of the stains from the concrete surface. Pressure washing removes things weeds growing between cracks, moss, mildew & stains.

The final step in restoration of stamped concrete is to seal the surface. Once the concrete has dried sufficiently, we apply Paver Gloss Sealer. Paver gloss clear acrylic sealer creates a stain wet look, which enhances color of the concrete. The sealer provides extra protection from stains, scratching, and fading from the sun’s UV rays.

Don’t risk damaging your stamped colored concrete with a DIY cleaning effort. Save money and time by contacting All Surface Restoration. To request an estimate for stamped colored concrete pressure washing & sealing services contact us at or call 248-475-0004


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