Brick Paver Maintenance Specialist In Oakland County Michigan

All Surface Restoration specializes in maintenance cleaning, re-sanding & sealing brick pavers in Michigan. We restore & maintain exterior porches, steps, walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks & retaining walls.

After installation, brick pavers need for periodic maintenance cleaning & sealing. A beautiful brick paver installation will only look nice for a short time if not properly cared for. After making a substantial investment, proper maintenance is equally important as proper installation.

Over time brick pavers in Michigan are exposed to harsh environmental conditions like moisture, mildew, moss, dirt, grease & leaf stains. Harsh freeze-thaw cycles combined with application of de-icing chemicals during winter further attack your pavers. If left unprotected, irreversible damage can occur such as fading of color & exposure of aggregate stones within the brick. Excessive moisture penetration & freeze-thaw cycles can cause the pavers to sink & retaining edge to crack.

We install polymeric sand into paver joints & apply a protective paver sealer to create the appearance you prefer. Choose Paver Gloss Sealer (satin wet look), High Gloss Paver Sealer (wet look) or Surface Saver Sealer (matte look- no gloss).

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