Maintaining Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway In Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are very durable. Like any exterior surface they should be maintained to protect the integrity of the concrete. Failure to preform necessary maintenance will result in deterioration of the surface & loss of aggregate stones set into the concrete.

We recommend having your exposed aggregate concrete driveway cleaned at least once a season to remove dirt & stains. We utilize advanced flat surface cleaners to produce remarkable results.

Sealing of new concrete should take place in less than 30 days after installation. Sealing within a few days before any staining from contaminants takes place provides improved resistance to weather, water, stains, and abrasives.

Sealers also offer resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, petroleum products, deicing salts, and debris such as leaves laying on the surface. Sealing makes clean up easier and also enhances the look of the aggregate.

Poor preparation and the incorrect sealer can actually result in yellowing, peeling or bubbling. Removal of incorrectly applied sealer is very difficult and time consuming & costly.

To request as estimate on maintenance of your exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Oakland & Macomb County, Michigan contact the experts at All Surface Restoration at or 248-475-0004.


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