Benefits Of Brick Paver Sealing In Oakland County Michigan

After investing in a paver patio or driveway, we highly recommend that our clients seal their pavers to preserve & protect their investment. Sealed pavers should be resealed every 3-5 years if using a water-based matte look sealer and every 2-3 years if using a solvent based acrylic sealer.

Paver Gloss Sealer acrylic sealer makes pavers resistant to stains from rubber, oil, dirt, road salt, etc. It creates a satin wet look that resists UV rays to help pavers retain their natural color longer. The backyard patio pictured above had not been sealed in over 10 years & looked very dull & faded. Pressure washing, installation of polymeric sand & application of a clear acrylic sealer transformed the pavers leaving them looking better than new!

Sealers are available in different styles, from matte (Surface Saver Sealer) to semi-gloss (Paver Gloss Sealer) to high-gloss sheen (High Gloss Paver Sealer) depending on the client’s taste. Most clients prefer a glossy sealer that gives pavers a “wet look”, causing the natural colors to appear more vibrant. Typically, the darker the paver, the more vivid the color will be after applying a glossy sealer.

We recommend that new brick pavers be properly cleaned & sealing as soon after installation as possible. There is no need to wait a year for efflorescence to migrate out of brick pavers because it can be removed it during the cleaning process. Sealing pavers immediately will ensure color is protected & environmental stains cannot penetrate the sealed surface.

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