Tar Removal from Brick Paver Driveway in Oakland County, Michigan

Once tar is tracked onto a brick paver driveway by vehicle tires it leaves the pavers looking stained & ugly. All Surface Restoration removed 100% of the tar tire marks from this brick paver driveway in West Bloomfield, MI.

The restoration process required multiple applications of asphalt & tar remover followed by pressure washing to rinse away the chemical & tar. This driveway was previously sealed with a glossy wet look sealer which had faded. Removing the tar also removed the sealer in areas where the tire marks were located. This caused us to have to apply a paver sealer stripper to the entire driveway to remove 100% of the previously applied sealer. The process required a lot of stripper & labor. Results were very rewarding once all the tar & previously applied sealer were removed. To complete the project, we installed tan polymeric sand in all joints & applied Paver Gloss Sealer to create a satin wet look which enhanced the vibrant color of pavers. The sealer stabilizes the polymeric sand to prevent washout & protects the pavers against future stains from tar, oil, grease & de-icing chemicals. It also acts as a barrier against abrasion. If you have a brick paver driveway that needs repair, restoration & maintenance contact All Surface Restoration at surfacerestoration.com/contact or call 248-475-0004


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