Rust Stain Removal On Exterior Brick Pavers

Rust Stain Removal: Brick Pavers, Brick, Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Stone & Masonry Surfaces Rust stains on exterior surface are quite common. These stains are caused by a number of factors. When iron starts to corrode it forms rust, a substance that causes unsightly brownish stains, which detract from the beauty of the surface. Every year we place metal lawn furniture, BBQ’s & accessories on surfaces & forget about them leading to rust accumulation in a short period of time.Rust stains are caused by many factors. The most common type is caused by hard water from sprinkler irrigation overspray & run off. Iron stains will become increasingly more difficult to remove because the stain consists of tiny iron oxide particles. Exterior surfaces are very porous & can easily absorb these particles.

Fertilizer is another major item that causes rust stains. Often lawn companies will spread fertilizer pellets onto hardscape surfaces by accident. This creates rust colored stain, which is very difficult to remove safely.

Using the right chemical is vital in the process of removal. It is very easy to damage brick pavers, stone & masonry by using a cleaner that will etch the surface. You cannot purchase the specialized rust removal agent we use from your local hardware or home improvement store. Don’t waist you time testing weak store bought rust removers as they may damage the surface & are not very effective.

We utilize a specially formulated product for the effective removal of iron, manganese, acid burn; straw stains & other metallic stain discoloration from brick, stone & concrete surfaces. This cleaner is highly effective even on the worst iron stains. We can restore the like new appearance of all exterior brick, brick pavers, stone, masonry, exposed aggregate & concrete surfaces. Request an estimate at surface or 248-475-0004


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