Stamped Concrete Cleaning & Sealing in Oakland County Michigan

If you have a stamped concrete at your Oakland County, Michigan home or business, you probably have wondered what to do to make it look like new again. An effective cleaning by a professional pressure washing company will make all the difference. Your stamped concrete requires special equipment to properly clean and can be damaged in a do it yourself effort.

Stamped concrete is that it tends to rapidly develop stains. To achieve professional cleaning results we use an environmentally safe cleaner to break down environmental stains. The cleaner is applied to your concrete, and allowed to penetrate before we use a surface cleaner to remove dirt & stains. This gentle scrubbing is safe for your stamped concrete and allows us to eliminate any haze from previous worn sealer.

The final step in stamped concrete restoration is to reseal the surface. Stamped concrete sealer comes in a variety of finishes. Whether you prefer your stamped concrete to look matte, satin or high gloss sheen. Sealing provides extra protection from stains, abrasions & UV color fading.

You should always hire a professional pressure washing company to clean & sealing your stamped concrete. It’s not wise to risk damaging your stamped concrete by doing it yourself. Save money and time by contacting the experts at All Surface Restoration at or (248) 475-0004


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