Proper Care & Maintenance Of Stamped Concrete & Exposed Aggregate Surfaces In Oakland County Michigan

Cleaning & sealing stamped concrete & exposed aggregate should be done at least once every 2-3 years. The frequency of maintenance required depends on traffic, UV exposure, and porosity of the surface. If you have noticed the color of your concrete has faded & now looks dull or hazy it’s time to refresh the protective layer of sealer.

We utilize state of the art cleaning methods to wash the surface without chemicals or the use of extreme pressure, which can damage the surface. Cleaning removes dirt stains as well as worn out sealer, which was previously applied.

Since most stamped concrete is not very porous, applying a sealer with a roller is NOT a good idea. The roller will apply sealer too thick & leave lines on the surface. Once sealer is applied too heavy or multiple layers build up, a white haze often develops. Many contractors will claim this situation is caused by excessive moisture.
This is incorrect. It’s often the result of applying too much sealer using the wrong application method. Try to get them to take responsibility and see what happens.

At All Surface Restoration we use ONLY a low-pressure sprayer to apply the sealer. This method is very precise & avoids over application of the sealer, the cause of hazing problems.

Our exclusive Paver Gloss Sealer is the perfect choice for use on stamped concrete & exposed aggregate because it creates a satin gloss without making the surface slippery. Paver Gloss acrylic sealer provides a protective layer to help keep surface color from fading from UV exposure & traffic. It creates a barrier against water penetration, dirt & common stains, making them easy to clean.

We have restored all types of stamped decorative concrete & exposed aggregate since 1990. We are confident you will be truly impressed with our service, which will restore & protect the like new appearance of the stamped concrete & exposed aggregate surfaces.

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