Brick Paver Patio Repair, Cleaning, Sanding, Sealing Restoration Company in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

Overtime brick pavers may need repairs such as re-leveling, edge restraint replacement & replacement of damaged pavers. We refer an expert repairman can complete repairs prior to start of the cleaning process.

Brick pavers are made of porous concrete & aggregate stones that easily develop stains like, dirt, moss, mildew and grime.  All Surface Restoration uses a unique process which quickly and safely cleans brick pavers without damage to the pavers. Metal patio furniture often leaves iron & rust stains which penetrate into the surface of the pavers. All Surface Restoration uses specialized cleaners which safely remove the toughest stains. Pressure washing Paver Stones should ONLY be done using a Flat Surface Cleaner as opposed to a wand. Using a wand can permanently damage pavers. Most power-washing contractors don’t use Flat Surface Cleaners or the proper chemicals to safely remove embedded stains from brick pavers.

Pavers have joints in between which are filled with polymeric sand. Polymeric sand helps lock out moisture & prevents weed & moss from developing.  When your pavers are pressure washed, the existing sand will be removed. After the pavers have fully dried, we install polymeric sand in the joints available in tan, gray, platinum & black.

To keep your brick paver patio looking great we can seal the pavers after they have been cleaned & sanded. If you prefer a matte appearance which does not change the natural color of pavers, we apply Surface Saver Sealer. If you prefer a wet look which darkens & enhances the color, we apply Paver Gloss Sealer or High Gloss Paver Sealer. Paver Gloss Sealer creates a satin wet look while High Gloss Paver Sealer creates a high gloss wet look.

If you are in need of brick paver patio repair, pressure washing, polymeric sand installation or sealing contact the experts at All Surface Restoration. or 248-475-0004


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