5 Gallon Pail Makes Enough To Cover 4000 Square Feet When Diluted 5:1. Extra strength down stream injectable stripper for exterior wood surfaces. Powerful formula breaks down deteriorated varnishes, polyurethanes & thick film forming finishes for easy removal using pressure washer.

    • Concentrated for down stream injection at 5:1.
    • Eco-Friendly, No Bleach- Biodegradable Formula.
    • Coverage up to 600-800 sq ft per gal when mixed with water 5:1.
    • Apply Wood Brightener DSI after final rinse to neutralize stripper & restore natural look of wood.


Deck Stripper DSI removes deteriorated semi-transparent oil-based stains and sealers. A more powerful deck stripper designed to remove thick film forming sealers, varnishes & stains. Deck Stripper DSI will also remove damaged and discolored wood fiber from all exterior wood surfaces including decks, wood siding and log homes. Deck Stripper DSI restores wood to its natural color and prepare surface for re-coating.
Features & Benefits:
Water-based formula
Quickly removes semi-transparent stains and sealers, gray weathered wood, water stains, mold, mildew and tannin bleeding
Safe for use around surrounding vegetation if pre-wetted prior to application
Restores the natural beauty of wood
Down Stream Injectable Up To 5:1
Water rinse clean up
Easy to use
Available in 5 gallon size with concentrated formula

Typical Uses:
Deck Stripper DSI has been proven to effectively remove semi-transparent stains and solid colours as well as gray weathered wood, mold, mildew, tannin bleeding and water stains. The water-based formula will not harm surrounding vegetation (if pre-wetted) and is easily cleaned up.

For Use On Exterior Wood Surfaces:
Wood Decks
Log homes
Cedar shakes
Apply liberally using down stream injector mixed up to 5:1 with water. Wait approximately 5 to 45 minutes for Deck Stripper DSI to soften the coating. The coating should easily rinse off when ready. Rinse in direction of wood grain with a garden hose or pressure washer at low setting (500-1200 PSI) to reduce scrubbing.

50 to 150 sq.ft. per US gallon

Deck Stripper DSI will strip most semi-transparent oil based wood-stains. Wood rich in tannin may darken during restoration. Apply Deck Brightening Agent DSI after final rinse of Deck Stripper DSI.

Qty – 5 Gallon

Additional information

Weight 48.75 oz
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 34 in