5 Gallon Pail Covers Up To 4000 Square Feet When Mixed 5:1 With Water.

Lightens & brightens wood while restoring it’s natural ph balance

    • Restores woods natural appearance after using Deck Stripper DSI.
    • Concentrated for down stream injection at 5:1.
    • Coverage 600-800 sq ft per gallon when mixed 5:1.
    • Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable formula contains no bleach.


Deck Brightener DSI is designed to be used after Deck Stripper DSI to neutralize the surface and restore the natural beauty of exterior wood. Deck Brightener DSI removes rust or tannin stains caused by fallen leaves and is recommended for use on all species of wood, including redwood.

Deck Brightener DSI is an oxalic acid solution that removes dirt, grime, tannin, rust, and fungi stains from wood surfaces. This liquid concentrate is mixed with water (two parts water to one part concentrate) to brighten and restore the natural beauty of exterior wood. Deck Brightener DSI will not harm wood fibers, grass, or plants when used properly. Deck Brightener DSI is recommended for surface preparation prior to initial application of clear and semi-transparent finishes and stains. It is used as a neutralizer and brightener for all wood species that have been cleaned with Deck Stripper DSI.

Even new wood needs to be cleaned in order to remove mill scale so the surface can more easily absorb deck stains. Deck Brightener DSI is not formulated to remove intact paint, stain, or clear finishes and may dull painted and metal surfaces if not quickly rinsed.

Qty – 5 Gallon

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Weight 48 oz