Deck Cleaner & Brightener


5 Gallon Pail Makes Enough To Cover 2000 Square Feet When Diluted 1:1 With Water.

Tough all purpose cleaner to restore gray, weathered exterior wood. Removes dirt, grime, mildew, tannin & rust stains. Restores the natural beauty of old & new lumber.

    • 1:1 Concentrate for easy mixing & application using low pressure sprayer.
    • Bio-degradable- contains no sodium hydroxide or bleach.
    • Coverage 100-200 sq ft per gal based on dilution rate.


Quickly restores outdoor weathered and heavily greyed wood surfaces. Deck Cleaner & Brightener will remove grey wood fiber, stains, tannin bleeding, water stains, mildew, mold and discoloured surface fiber from decks, fences, wood siding and log homes. Use to restore wood to its natural color and prepare for re-coating.
Coverage: 100 – 200 sq.ft per gallon

Features & Benefits:
Water-based formula
Removes gray wood fiber, water stains, mildew and mold
Rejuvenates wood by removing deteriorated fibers
Safe on treated lumber and exotic wood
Safe for use around surrounding vegetation if pre-wetted prior to application

Contains no bleach
Water rinse clean-up
Easy to use

For Use On:
Wood decks
Log homes
Cedar shakes

Deck Cleaner & Brightener is for outdoor weathered wood surfaces using a low pressure pump sprayer.
Some dilution with water for lightly grayed wood is possible.
Heavily weathered wood surfaces may look fibrous after rinsing. Wood rich in tannin may darken during restoration. If this occurs, Deck Brightener can be used to re-brighten wood.

QTY – 5 Gallon

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Weight 45 oz