Hardscape Cleaning & Sealing Company Oakland & Macomb County Michigan

Every few years it pays to examine the condition of your exterior hardscape surfaces. Your walkway, patio, porch, walkway & driveway all require periodic cleaning & sealing at regular intervals to look their best. Stunning improvements in aesthetics can be revealed through the use of environmentally friendly restoration cleaners that gently clean brick, stone, masonry & concrete. It doesn’t take long for environmental stains to begin to appear. Common stains are mold, mildew, moss, rust, grease or dirt. Rather than ignoring the stains & letting them get worse, it’s best to consider having your natural stone or concrete professionally cleaned & sealed. The cleaning process removes years of neglect, making your home’s exterior stone & concrete surfaces shine like new again. Sealing is necessary to protect against dirt layered on concrete, stone & masonry surfaces. Freezing & thawing, acid rain, stains & chemical reactions can all break down the surface over time. Sealing prevents moisture & stain penetration while reducing the bonding of airborne dirt & hydrocarbons.Summer is a great time to restore your home’s exterior & enhance its curb appeal. We clean & seal all concrete, stamped colored concrete, exposed aggregate, masonry & stone surfaces.

Pressure washing & sealing should be a regularly scheduled maintenance event to maintain the beauty & integrity of all hardscape surfaces. We look forward to providing you with a free estimate during an on-site evaluation.

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