Surface restoration Wood Deck Restoration

Wood Deck Pressure Cleaning, Stripping, Sealing & Maintenance

If you have a wood deck, it’s important to consider the costs of maintenance. Michigan’s varied climate is tough on exterior wood surfaces. There is no one best approach to maintenance, which fits all circumstances. Decks must be examined individually on a case-by-case basis to determine the correct preparations & products required to properly restore the wood to a like new condition. This is the reason to avoid hiring any company that quotes pricing over the phone without examining the job in person & providing a detailed estimate.

The wood restoration process involves removing previously applied sealers & stains, cleaning, neutralizing, sanding & then applying new sealer. Surface preparation is the most important part of the process. This is the part where decks & money are either saved or lost. Spending more to have this process done right the first time will save a lot on future maintenance expenses. This is why you should seek to avoid companies with a one price fits all approach, the $99.00 guys.

After a few coats of sealer are applied to a deck, the wood can no longer absorb any more new sealer. The sealer begins forming a film & the finish begins to look blotchy, peeling, flaking or the wood turns grey. This is the point where stripping the wood is necessary. It’s the only way to avoid neglecting the wood. Applying more sealer over an existing layer will only make the deck look worse. Although it may cost less than stripping, it results in premature failure of the new sealer.

An experienced wood restoration contractor uses cleaners, strippers & brighteners in concentrated form. Using experience as a guide they prepare the best mixture, which will preform in removing the old sealer. Next, they apply a wood-brightening agent to neutralize the ph. level of the wood while lightening & brightening. Once fully dry, a good contractor will finish sand rough or splintered areas of the wood.

The final step is application of a new sealer to the newly restored wood. It’s important to use a penetrating pigmented oil based sealer such as (TWP) Total Wood Preservative. It contains particles to deflect UV rays as well as fungicides & mildewcides. TWP is available in various color options, which best accent your deck. TWP performs best in Michigan’s varied to protect, enhance appearance & avoid degradation.