All Surface Restoration provides wood fence cleaning, stripping, sanding, staining & sealing service. No matter how old, dirty or neglected your fence looks, we can transform it to a like new condition.

Pressure cleaning & sealing your fence should be a regular event every 3-4 years. Fences in Michigan are constantly exposed to harsh elements. Weathering from sun, rain, dirt, mold, mildew & stains all cause rapid weathering & decay of wood.


Our exclusive “soft wash” method of pressure washing is safe for your fence. We use biodegradable cleaning & stripping agents to break down the weathered layer of wood & previously applied sealer. This allows us to use the lowest amount of water pressure possible to clean safely without damage to the wood.


Wood fences require the right type of sealer if they are to withstand Michigan’s harsh climate changes. Film finishes & solid stains, which are opaque, should never be used because they trap moisture migrating from below. This leads to peeling & rot caused by migrating moisture from below cannot escape the surface film layer.



The proven best preforming sealer for wood fences in Michigan’s climate is

(TWP) Total Wood Preservative. TWP penetrates below the surface of the wood to lock out moisture, prevent UV cracking & resist mildew & mold. It will allow your wood fence to maintain a beautiful, natural appearance, even after a few years.

TWP is available in many natural wood tones. Choose the option which best accents your exterior. The most popular TWP colors: Cedar, Pecan, Rustic & Honey Tone.


We evaluate the unique condition of your fence during an on-site visit & provide you with a written estimate. We do not offer over the phone estimates. A professional understands that each & every fence project is a unique situation, which must be independently evaluated in order to achieve lasting results. If another company is cheaper but their approach is wrong, you will often end up spending more in the long run. We do it right the 1st time.

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