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How To Pick A Professional Deck Restoration Contractor-

Finding a professional who offers high quality work is not as easy as it may seem. New companies turn up each & every year and many lack the proper experience & equipment to be trusted with your deck restoration project.
There are way to many companies who are simply using the wrong techniques to strip & wash decks. Sometimes they just don’t know better. Usually they are seeking to do the job for the lowest price by reducing the overall cost of materials. For instance, many deck contractors will not use a stripper or cleaner prior to pressure washing your wood deck.

Our process involves using a deck stripper to break down the existing layer of previous sealer so that it can be safely removed without the use of extreme pressure. Using high pressure washing only to strip & clean the deck will not remove an oil-based coating & will damage the wood by creating a rough, splintered appearance.

You can also tell a lot about the contractors approach by carefully reading the information posted on their website. Some contractors boast about the number of decks they have restored or the total amount of square footage they have cleaned & sealed. They view each & every customer as a number rather than an individual situation with a unique set of circumstances. Measuring success only in terms of the amount of jobs completed says nothing about the level of quality & customer satisfaction they deliver.

Beware of the $99.00 deck restoration scam. Competitors use this low price to get your business. Once you have booked the job, you learn than they charge extra for decks over 500 square feet. If you want a premium sealer like TWP, that costs extra too. In the end you will pay more than you need to for a poor quality job that will not stand the test of time.

Avoid companies who claim hand brushing the sealer is best approach. Oil based sealer should be sprayed & then back brushed for maximum penetration & durability. This is the method the manufacturer recommends for best performance.

Our approach at All Surface Restoration has always been to offer our customers the highest quality work possible without pricing gimmicks.
We value our customers & aim to build a lasting relationship. We invest more time into project to ensure your overall satisfaction. We treat each customer as an individual & address issues in a professional manner.