Tennis Court Cleaning should be a regularly scheduled maintenance event. Things like dirt, mold, mildew, algae; lichen & environmental stains can quickly build-up on the surface. This build-up can lead to slippery & dangerous playing conditions. The court has much better traction when clean so a clean court is not only safer, but you’ll also have a better game.


There is a high maintenance cost if the court is left unclean for an extended period of time. If you allow the surface to deteriorate so much that cracks start to develop, your cost of repair will be extremely high. The more low area’s & cracks there are, the higher the cost.


Our soft wash tennis court cleaning process will keep your court looking new. Using specialized equipment we clean exterior tarmac & synthetic tennis court surfaces.First, we remove any loose debris such as twigs, branches & leaves.

Next, we apply a fungicidal moss & algae treatment formulated to cut through the dirt & grime. The treatment will ensure that all the roots, spores & surface growth are removed. Finally, we utilize a flat surface cleaner & water pressure washer, which will rinse away, stains on the surface without removing the paint on the court or the lines.

After the process is finished your court will look brand new again. Removing dirt & stains from the surface of the court is quite a dramatic transformation. We recommend you clean your court at least once each season to keep it looking great.


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