Exterior Siding Restoration- Soft Wash Process


Every few years it pays to examine the condition of your exterior siding. It doesn’t take long for siding to begin to gather mildew, dirt & stains from the environment. Rather than ignoring these common stains, it’s best to consider having your exterior wood, aluminum or vinyl siding professionally cleaned using a soft wash process.


The soft wash process uses a low pressure, high volume will not cause damage to siding.


The power of chemistry is what makes the soft wash process so effective. By injecting a powerful, yet biodegradable siding cleaner onto the siding, we can deep clean all types of siding safely & effectively. The process removes years of neglect, making your home’s exterior siding, gutters, down spouts & garage doors shine like new again. Proper cleaning techniques are essential to avoid damage to siding. The high volume of water involved in the process removes layers of build-up from the surface including dirt, grime, and the chalk like residue from deteriorating paint. Now is a great time to restore your home’s exterior & enhance its curb appeal. Let us prove to you that restoration of the existing siding is always a more cost effective option than replacement. Soft wash pressure washing of exterior siding should be a regularly scheduled maintenance event. We look forward to providing you with a free estimate on exterior siding cleaning during an on-site evaluation. To request an estimate please visit surfacerestoration.com/contact