Keeping concrete looking clean can make a huge difference in the overall appearance. Concrete often collects stains from dirt, rubber, leaves, oil, grease, coolant & other difficult to clean substances.
Because concrete is very porous, keeping it looking clean is a challenge. 
Our cleaning process will transform your dirty, stained concrete to a like new appearance. We use specialized cleaners that penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete to break down the most stubborn stains.
Pressure washing rinses away all types of stains effectively. To reduce the frequency of cleanings, we strongly recommend sealing your concrete to protect it & make future cleaning easier.
Your concrete will encounter all types of stains from oil, rubber, anti-freeze, road salt & de-icing chemicals. We can effectively lock out all these substances by applying Surface Saver Sealer.
Surface Saver is a water based siloxane sealer designed to penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete forming a strong permanent bond beneath the surface. Surface Saver Sealer is a blend of silanes & siloxanes that creates a barrier to resist the deteriorating effects of road salt & de-icing chemicals.  It protects your concrete against water & stain penetration without changing the natural look.

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